Number 1, Volume I. May 1996



The organizational evaluation process: a fuzzy model

G. Zollo, A. Cannavacciuolo, G. Capaldo, A. Ventre, A. Volpe


Expertons and management decision-making. Criteria interdependence and implications valuation

A. Couturier, B. Fioleau


Assessment of an event from individual opinions of a group of experts

Arturo J. Bignoli


Determination of the possible strategies for the reduction of the indebtedness of the company

Anna Maria Gil Lafuente


Accumulated capital for the retirement plans in fuzzy finance mathematics

C. Cassú, P. Planas, J. C. Ferrer, J. Bonet


The selection of an entry mode strategy into foreign markets under conditions of environmental uncertainty: a new approach to the market analysis using a spreadsheet to process quantitative fuzzy data

E. López, J.R. Mieres, C. Mendaña, M.A. Rodríguez


An approach to the problem of portfolio selection

T. Lorenzana, N. Márquez, S. Sardà


On employment of fuzzy sets theory for solving the problem of providing for information security

D.S. Chereshkin, S.I. Travin